1st Class BSc (Hons) degree in Human Anatomy

  • My undergraduate degree provides me with advanced knowledge of the human body (anatomy) and its function (physiology).
  • One of my specialist areas, which is injury rehabilitation and prevention, is derived from my intensive study of human gross anatomy based on human cadaveric dissection, and human biomechanics and movement in health and disease.


MSc in Forensic Anthropology with Merit

  • My Masters degree focused mainly on the study of human skeletal anatomy and bones. I studied joints, bone injuries and trauma in depth and found that this broadened my knowledge base of human anatomy and physiology significantly.
  • My postgraduate studies helped me to appreciate how the human body reacts to injuries, diseases and deficiencies, and how to prevent these effectively. In-depth study of skeletal anatomy and joints complimented my functional anatomy knowledge by expanding my focus from soft-tissue to hard-tissue anatomy.


Certificate in Emergency First Aid at Work

  • In other words, yes, it is safe for you to train with me!
  • I’m confident carrying out CPR and using a defibrillator, and I know what to do in case of a medical emergency (fingers crossed we won’t need to apply this knowledge in the gym!)


Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

  • This course is studied as an introduction to personal training and teaches the fundamentals of nutrition and programme design.
  • I completed my L2 course next to my full-time Masters studies as an introduction to the fitness industry, and decided that it’s something I can see myself doing full-time!


Level 2 Certificate in Exercise to Music Instructing

  • As the name suggests, this course taught me how to plan and instruct exercise classes safely and efficiently.
  • I learned how to use music to motivate others for exercise, and how to work effectively as an exercise to music instructor.
  • I really enjoy teaching exercise classes, and this course enables me to deliver and create advanced routines for maximum fun and efficiency


Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

  • This course is studied after completion of a L2 certificate in Fitness Instructing. It is a more intense course studied over a longer time period, and teaches in-depth information about nutrition and programme design.
  • It is comprised of several theoretical exams, practical hours of shadowing other fitness professionals, completion of a case study, and several practical assessments.
  • I also learned how to work safely with specialist populations such as children, older adults, pregnant women and clients with health conditions and disabilities. However, these skills can be expanded on with further specific education – which I am currently undertaking.
  • In other words, as I have completed my L3 Certificate in Personal Training, I am officially allowed to call myself a Personal Trainer!