First things first – I coach out of Pure Gym Dundee. It is a state of the art gym in city centre with 24/7 access, it had a fantastic refurbishment in August 2018, and the facilities are modern, versatile and able to cater to your needs no matter what type of training you prefer. If you are unsure about joining Pure Gym get in touch with me, and I can take you on a tour of the facilities!



  • ONLINE COACHING: All my clients receive my support through the online coaching component of my business. This includes access to my custom-made AMB app for your smartphone or desktop. You will receive your personalised weekly training rotation with video instructions, get access to your nutritional plan, and be able to track and log your daily food intake. You can log your lifting and cardio progress, submit measurements and check-in photos, and complete additional tasks set by me for you personally, such as home workouts, abs classes or stretch and rehab sessions. I will follow your progress closely, and will engage and interact with you through the AMB app. All clients check-in weekly, where summarised feedback on all progress is provided, and targets for the new week are set.


  • WELCOMING COMMUNITY: In addition to online coaching through the AMB app, you receive access to a great community of like minded people, with the aim for you to stay accountable, share ideas and experiences with others, and make new friends inside and outside of the gym. Team AMB assembles once per month for a social activity, and once per month for an exercise-related activity, and a lot of my clients team up for cardio classes or lifting sessions in the gym regularly outside of our monthly meets-ups.


  • 24/7 ONLINE SUPPORT: I can be contacted at all times, and will respond as soon as possible to any enquiries. You will receive unlimited access to me through what’s app, and I will get back to you as soon as possible via text or voice message. If you experience issues with your training, nutrition or mindset throughout the week, or have any other questions about your progress, DO NOT wait until your weekly check-in to share these. I care about your progress, and I try my very best to give you the support you need on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.




  • 30min SKYPE CALL PER WEEK: In addition to your continuous monitoring through the AMB app, we will also schedule a weekly 30 minute appointment where we discuss your goals, progress, check-in information and potential changes to training and nutrition. This is a particularly helpful tool for you that has not much training experience yet, needs additional guidance during the start-up period, or is in the transition period from 1:1 coaching in the gym to online coaching.


  • 60min 1:1 COACHING SESSIONS IN PUREGYM DUNDEE: You can add on either one, two or three 1:1 personal training sessions per week to your online coaching package. I will motivate you during your sessions, and I will make sure that you give your best effort, each rep and each set. I will make sure that you have fun, accumulate new knowledge and stay safe in the gym at all times. I will hold you accountable, help you to feel comfortable training in the gym environment, and you will leave the gym feeling accomplished and in a great mood after your sessions!




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