Online coaching has a bunch of benefits! Firstly, you are flexible with your training, and you can train anywhere at any time, but still benefit from the support of a coach. Secondly, if on a tight budget but still after maximal support, guidance and motivation when it comes to achieving your goals, online coaching is the right choice for you.



  • Initial 60 min FREE face-to-face consultation where possible (otherwise FaceTime, Skype or phone call)


  • BESPOKE TRAINING ROTATION: I will structure all your resistance training/cardio sessions, and I will liaise with you to make sure that you can carry out all exercises I program at your gym. You will receive your training rotation with detailed instructions and teaching points. Training rotations are usually followed for 6-8 weeks before major changes are made, as consistency is one of the most important factors in progress and goal achievement. Minor changes will, if required, be made weekly after check-in.


  • HELP WITH YOUR TRAINING ROTATION: As we will not train together, you will send regular video updates of you performing the exercises in your rotation, so that we can ensure that your form is safe, and that you get as much benefit from your training as possible. If unsure about an exercise, I will send you video footage of myself performing the relevant exercise, and explain important teaching points. Ideally, you would see me for a one-off face-to-face personal training session at the start of each new rotation to go through unfamiliar exercises together.


  • NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE: You will receive an initial guide to nutrition, and you will then have a choice how your nutrition will be structured. We will make sure that your nutrition guidelines fit your lifestyle, and your preferences.


  • WEEKLY CHECK-IN: You will take progress photos each week, and fill out a spread sheet that tracks important progress markers such as weight, sleep, steps, cardio, training, cravings, appetite and mood. Your photos and spreadsheet are then sent to me for review. Check-ins are submitted weekly at any point between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon. All check-ins are replied to by the end of Sunday evening, so that you can start into Monday with revised targets and renewed motivation.


  • WEEKLY 30 MIN ONLINE CONSULTATION: In addition to your weekly check-in, we will also schedule a weekly 30 minute appointment where we will discuss your goals, progress, check-in information and potential changes to training and nutrition. If you train in Dundee we can meet face-to-face, otherwise we will speak on FaceTime, Skype, or over the phone.


  • 24/7 ONLINE SUPPORT: If you experience issues with your training, nutrition or mindset throughout the week, or have any other questions about your progress, DO NOT wait until your weekly check-in to share these. I care about your progress, and I try my best to be available for phone calls or online to give you the support you need on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.



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